• Q. How Many Lessons Would it Take to Become a Competent Driver?

    A. Our instructors tailor every lesson to the student and will let you know about your progress. Number of lessons would also depend on your learning abilities. On average a beginner can be thought to drive in 10 to 15 lessons.

  • Q. What is Duration of a Single Lesson?

    A. Lessons are 45 minutes long beginning at previously agreed locations (home, school, work…)

  • Q. Would I Choose an Automatic or Manual Car?

    A. It depends on your situation and if you own a manual or an automatic car. However, learners who obtain a licence in an automatic car will be licensed to drive only automatic cars for the duration of their probationary licence. Learners getting the licence in manual cars will be licensed to drive both.

  • Q. Why L2D Lessons?

    A. With L2D driving instructors carlton you will have professional, experienced and friendly tuition which will be conducted in a modern, safe dual controlled car.

  • Q. Our expert drivers have thorough understanding of Vic Roads procedures and scoring methods.

    A. We cater for the individual needs and we can assure you with a “L2D PASS GUARANTEE”*.

  • Q. We trust our services so if you don’t pass at your first attempt your instructor will attend your second test with you for free. (*excluding Vic Roads and Lesson Fee, refer to “L2D PASS GUARANTEE”). *”L2D PASS GUARANTEE” Conditions:

    Minimum of (4) lessons required. Instructor must be satisfied with applicant’s skills prior to test. Free re-test NOT applicable if applicant receives any “IMMEDIATE FAIL” due to BREAKING THE LAW, CAUSING A DANGEROUS SITUATION or LOSS OF CRITICAL ERRORS. Free re-test only applicable if fail is due to loss of assesment points. Guarantee not applicable unless full fee is payed.