Privacy Policy

How L2D Handles Personal Data?

We at L2D take the privacy of your information very seriously.
We aim to meet the current Internet best practice.

Our services are designed to give you the information that
you want to receive.

Our Privacy Policy below explains how we will collect and use the information you give us. We may vary this policy from time to time
and the current version will be published on this site. The word ‘we’ refers to L2D, unless otherwise indicated.

1. Collecting Your Information

From time to time, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name and email address, etc) in order to receive
or use services in our website.

These services include newsletters, competitions, message boards and personalised services.

We will also need personal information in order to supply other products and services or to help us identify you when you contact us. When we collect this information we will only do so over a secure connection.

If you communicate with us via email over the Internet you should
be aware that the nature of the Internet is such that unencrypted communication may not be secure and may pass through several different countries on route to us. Please do not email us with confidential or sensitive information such as your credit card details.

We cannot accept responsibility for unauthorised access to your information that is outside our control. When you give us information about another person, you confirm that they have authorised you to act for them, to consent to the processing and use of their personal data in the manner described in this notice and to receive on their behalf any data protection notice.

You have the right to ask for a copy of your information (for which we will charge a small fee) and to correct any inaccuracies. We may record telephone calls for staff training and evidential purposes.

2. What Will We Do With Your Personal Information?

We will only use your information for the purposes that you would reasonably anticipate or that we state when we collect it and,
where necessary, for which you have given us your consent.

We will not contact you, or pass your information to our business partners, for marketing purposes unless you have indicated your agreement that we may do so. We are committed to treating your personal data with due care and in accordance with the data
protection principles.

3. Users Aged 16 Years and Under

If you are 16 or under you must have permission from a parent or guardian before you give us personal information. If we find that we have received information from you without the appropriate consent, we reserve the right to cancel all transactions and services and remove all personal data that you have supplied. You will be able to re-submit the information when you have the required permission.

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